Tips & Tricks

Search for phrases

Search for co-occurring words as expressions: "Höhere Töchterschule Zürich"
(for this function, use quotes: '' )

Limiting your search

The search can be restricted to specific segments of a text

  • title:Pestalozzi (searches only the title of the text)
  • body:Pestalozzi (searches only the body of the text)

The search can be restricted according to specific metadata

  • author:"Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi" (searches according to author)
  • publicationplace:Bern (searches according to place of publication)
  • publicationdate:1831 (searches according to publication date)
  • municipality:Aarau (searches according to municipality)
  • canton:Zürich (searches according to canton)
  • nation:Frankreich (searches according to country)
  • actors:Actors (searches according to actors)
  • texttype:Teaching material (searches according to type of text)
  • mediatype:Picture (searches according to type of media)
  • language:German (searches according to language)
  • project:Stapfer-Enquête (searches according to inventory/project)
  • educationsystem:"baccalaureate schools" (searches according to education system)
  • subject:Childhood (searches according to subject)

Search Operators

By default, search terms are linked by the or function. This means that:
Kindergarten municipality:Kilchberg
searches for documents that contain either the term Kindergarten, or refer to the municipality of Kilchberg.

When the + symbol is used before a term, only search results including that term will appear. When the - symbol is used before a term, it will be excluded from the search results.
This is demonstrated by the following two examples:
+Kindergarten +Fröbel (all search results include both Kindergarten and Fröbel)
+Kindergarten -Fröbel (Search results will include the term Kindergarten but not Fröbel).

To perform a multiple character wildcard search use the * symbol.

Pestal* (find Pestalozzi, Pestalozzianum, Pestalozzi-Schule, …)